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Fife Arabic Society

We cover the whole of Fife Region, from St Andrews in the North, to Inverkeithing in the South. Our membership is drawn from 18 Arab countries, members of other ethnic communities, Scottish people interested in Arab Culture, and students from Arab countries who attend Fife Colleges. We estimate that in the course of a year, through our various activities, we engage with around 7000 individuals from the Arab, other Minority Ethnic, and the host communities. Our Management Committee represents a broad cross section of the Arab community in Fife, and includes several individuals with professional qualifications. We rely on Volunteers to carry out our extensive range of activities, and have identified the need to establish a dedicated Volunteer Development role to allow the organisation to recruit and train the Volunteers we need to achieve our strategic objectives.






For the last 10 years FAS has gone from strength to strength from starting as a social group to being an organisation which aids its members in all aspects of life. We liaise with a vast majority of service providers including the police, NHS, social services, employment, education and further education to try and improve the lives of the Arab community. Various consultations have been organised with these services and  many others such as; MPs, MSPs and Ministers from the Scottish government to advocate and promote the Arab community cultural, economiocal, political and social needs.





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